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Hubei Jinwei Group subsidiary---Jinwei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., ;   The main process adopts lost wax casting, silica sol casting and resin sand casting.  Which have silica sol casting process line,  water glass process production line,  special alloy steel vacuum casting process production line,  aluminum alloy low pressure suction casting process production line.

Our company has strong technical strength and advanced production equipment. In order to adapt to casting various materials and weights products, there are a number of medium-frequency electric furnaces of various weights, semi-automatic pouring systems, heat treatment furnaces, and multiple vacuum casting furnaces of various weights.

 Professional precision casting various grades: cobalt-based alloy,  nickel-based alloy,  Hastelloy,  Monel M-400,   HC276 Hastelloy, Co106 (D802),  Co101,  Co125B,  Ni18,  Ni625,  Ni825,  No. 20 alloy etc casting.  And various grades of stainless steel,  various duplex stainless steel,  heat-resistant steel,  high and low alloy steel,  carbon steel,  high chromium cast iron and other castings.

The main products are all kinds of valves,  pumps,  impellers, grate,  pipe fittings,  auto parts,  marine accessories,  mechanical equipment parts,  aircraft landing gear accessories.

Stable product quality, already meets and exceeds China's metallurgical standards and international standards. Focus on R&D and brand building,  develop the road of branding and scientific innovation, create value for customers. Exported to Japan, the United States, Germany etc countries.

Our company pursues Quality first, customer first, Sincerely welcome all people in different filed to communicate and cooperate, mutual benefit , develop together.